Sir Richard Branson Draws Attention to Carbon Footprint in Irish homes: Radon Lookout!

Sir Richard Branson stated that he thinks that an entrepreneur in Ireland should start a business going around to Irish homes sharing knowledge and tips to help reduce the amount of energy used. There is a silent killer that remains unseen, odorless and tasteless and it’s causing close to 350 cases of lung cancer in Ireland alone on an annual basis. Radon, a radioactive gas formed in the ground is found present in the rocks and soil. It is the largest health risk to the people of Ireland and many are unaware the problem even exists since one can’t smell, see or taste it. Breathing in the noxious gas over time puts people at great risk, with smokers at an even higher risk.

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) warned that the number of homes at risk from radon is much higher than previously thought. Twenty years ago, it was deemed that about 45,000 homes were at risk; the reality today is that there are more than 170,000 homes at risk of radon, putting half a million Irish citizens at risk. The numbers are staggering as 1 in 5 homes are at risk.

Not only would starting a business educating Irish citizens on the dangers of radon and the steps that can be taken to reduce the threat be a profitable venture; but also, it would make homes safe and those residing within the walls much healthier. “They would be doing a great service to the world”, says Branson.

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